Return Policy

Each order is personal and customized, thus all sales are final. A $50 cancellation fee applies to any order placed and canceled before work has begun on order. No refunds will be issued once Imagine Packaging LLC begins working on your order, which means Imagine Packaging LLC has received your necessary materials (i.e., digital files and payment) and started work on your job (i.e., your job is in production or a proof has been sent), however, if Imagine Packaging LLC verifies that an error was made, we will re-print your order. You must notify Imagine Packaging LLC within 24 (twenty-four) hours from delivery about any defects. In order to receive the replacement, you must return 100% of the defective order to the return address of Imagine Packaging LLC 8018 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Suite 100157, Anaheim, CA 92808.

In some cases, a partial or full refund may be extended to you if no work has been completed by Imagine Packaging LLC for a specific order. If you would like to cancel any or part of this order you must do so by telephone or e-mail within 24 (twenty-four) hours of when you initially place the order. Please note that such refund will be adjusted to cover any fees charged for proofs or other services associated with that order. Each order made from Imagine Packaging LLC is a contract between you, as the customer making the order, and Imagine Packaging LLC. Making an order on behalf of a third party does not absolve you of liability to Imagine Packaging LLC. As such, any decision by the third party not to accept the particular items printed or cancel the order the third party made with you does not affect your liability to Imagine Packaging LLC.

All complaints must be registered within 24 (twenty-four) hours of receipt of your final printing job. Should your job contain manufacturing errors and/or defects (as determined by Imagine Packaging LLC in its sole discretion), Imagine Packaging LLC will re-print your job at no charge. All materials created in producing your printed product are the property of Imagine Packaging LLC. Although these materials will not be sold or given to any other party, Imagine Packaging LLC reserves the right to distribute free samples of your printed product. Your printed product or images used for your printed product will not be used in any national advertising without your prior written consent.

Due to the custom nature of our work, all orders are final once you have approved the proofs - no changes of any kind can be made once approval is given. Imagine Packaging LLC cannot accept any responsibility for flawed content, colors, quantities, materials or any other factor unless errors in the production process adversely affected the final results. We will devote our best efforts to minimizing the cost and inconvenience of any re-runs required if you have inadvertently made a mistake in your order.

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